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Founded in 2018 Isabel Bonner Studio creates season-less, sculptural, contemporary jewellery. To be enjoyed both on and off the body in equal measure – the jewellery is meant not only to be worn as a statement piece, but to be enjoyed as a small objet d'art on your dresser or nightstand.

Isabel Bonner studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins and is a designer and stylist based between London and New York. 


Isabel Bonner Studio is about the creation of timeless objects that can live both off and on the body. Our preoccupation with design, sculpture, spaces both actual and negative and the creation of beautiful physical objects, has skewed our approach to jewellery making. All of our pieces make as much sense worn on an ear or around a wrist as they would displayed on a surface. 


Preoccupation with the spaces both within, around and through objects means that each detail of our designs has been considered accordingly. You’ll notice the way our fastenings, links and hoops are designed with a nod towards how we as humans navigate through spaces. Our objects have an architectural character and in a similar vein examine how things move and connect.


All Isabel Bonner Studio pieces are crafted using sterling silver; 18k gold, crystal pearls and ethical, sustainable, lab grown diamonds. Each and every Isabel Bonner construction is individually brought to life in New York City by a hand-selected group of artisans. Making our pieces one by one allows us to determine quality and detail at every stage of the creation process and to steer away from mass production methods and approaches. 


We’ve blended ancient artisanal processes and knowledge with contemporary and modern designs to unique effect. We adopt a made to order approach that is driven by a slow, conscious sensibility in order to minimize waste. 



Isabel Bonner Studio is inspired by the intersectionality of design process across furniture-making; architecture, sculpture, painting, and the innate beauty of the natural world, be it flowers, coastlines or shadows. 


We believe that jewellery is much more than a one dimensional decoration. Our jewellery craft is about connectivity, energy, emotions and feelings. We want all of our designs to be a natural extension of the wearer and their personal story. We choose to challenge the norms of success and adopt an approach that is built on sustainable practices, collaboration and trusting relationships with our makers, suppliers, collaborators and friends. 




Our ethics drive our production processes. We strive to create consciously and have built a straightforward business model that is open for our collaborators and wearers in a bid for transparency in the hope of challenging negative industry norms that are so pervasive in jewellery-making.  


As a brand we are committed to making decisions that contribute to positive change. When we collaborate with our friends, artists, wearers and other storytellers, sustainability always underpins those connections. We are a work in progress, aiming towards growth and improvement. We don’t strive for the unnatural precedent set by the mass markets; we prefer to take the slow and kind route enjoying the beauty that those methods produce.